You should be familiar with these terms and be able to perform these tasks by the time you enter the program. This information will be reviewed during the interview process.

  • Be able to measure correctly with a ruler and tape measure.
  • Know how to calculate the circumference of a circle
  • Be able to draw the following shapes: rectangle, square, equilateral triangle, right angle
  • Find the middle of a line that is 5 3/8” long
  • Draw and divide a 7” line into 3 equal parts:
  • Draw and divide an 8 5/8” line into 4 equal parts.
  • Know how to check if a square or rectangle is “true” –(measure diagonally across corners. Measurement should be the same.)  
  • Know the difference between a square, a rectangle and a parallelogram
  • Know how many eighths are in an inch
  • How many centimeters in a meter
  • Know how many millimeters in a centimeter
  • Be able to convert centimeters to inches and inches to centimeters. (with a ruler)
  • Know how to figure square footage: (Multiply height inches  by width inches and divide by 144= square footage.)