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Counting Eyelets

Last weekend was spent at the Chicago Mosaic School displaying shoes and talking about the Chicago School of Shoemaking.. We captured 2 pages of email addresses for our newsletter by asking people to guess the number of eyelets in the jar. It was really interesting to watch all of the different styles of guesses. Some people were very calculating–counting the top layer and getting out their phone to multiply the rows….and others closed their eyes and used their intuition. We had guesses from 9,000 to 750.
Lisa Brumby won the day with her guess of 1300—the closest to the actual count which was 1343. And yes, I did count them all! Thanks to everyone who played our game and who will now receive our newsletter. :)

PS–Eyelets are the coverings for holes on your shoes where the laces go through. They are part of a larger group of shoe hardware known as findings. Now you know something new, eh?