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New Leather Work Classes and Classroom

We’ve got a lot of new things going at the school—one of which is a new classroom across the courtyard!

This will allow us to hold classes in 2 spaces at once.  We have a new class starting on the 20th called Intermediate Leather Work, designed to take the Exploring Leather work to the next level.  We’ll be focusing on finer skills, hand stitching and lacing, more knowledge and experience with vegetable tanned leather and interesting handles and zipper installation.  We don’t have the syllabus completed at this time, but I know many of you have been waiting for the next class in the series.  We will still be running the Exploring Leather Work on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks for those of you who want to repeat that class.  As you know, we’ll still be doing similar projects as before, but there’s always new leathers and hardware to incorporate.


And for those who are itching to jump into independent bench time, we are VERY close to having the new space done which will house that.  I really appreciate your patience with us as we’ve been finalizing details on a system that will keep that space and tools available for you on a pretty regular basis.

Please sign up asap—there are only 6 spaces in each class.