Student Waiver

To attend class you must agree to this waiver:

Addendum:  Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are asking that you follow the protocols (guided by the state of Illinois) when gathering at our school.  This means we’ll ask you to wear masks and sanitize your hands before coming into our schoolroom.  When you agree to this waiver, you are also agreeing to follow these important guidelines.

You (the student) acknowledge that you are over 16 years of age and are otherwise competent to make and understand this contract. You recognize that there are certain known, and unknown, predictable and unpredictable risks inherent in working with and cutting leather or working with tools involved in shoemaking and leather working including but not limited to cut skin, injured fingers or other body parts, infections if not properly attended to and the like. This waiver also allows our use of photos and videos of you and your work.
As a material inducement to the Chicago School of Shoemaking(“School”) to accept and continue your enrollment, you hereby intentionally and without limitation waive and release any possible claim against the School, Sara McIntosh, Hayes Properties (“Releasees”) or any of the Releasees’s privies, agents, employees or representatives.


Please return to the registration page and select “yes” to continue your registration.