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We are happy to announce that we’re the premiere US distributor for this sneaker making kit designed and created by our friends and colleagues from the Netherlands. We also hold classes making sneakers based on this concept and take the process further with more hardware, leather choices and access to sewing machines. If you’re not in the area and want to work on your own, let us supply you with the materials to make your sneakers. Below is the information including how-to videos and the kit comes with written instructions.  The whole kit is pictured below, but you can easily order only what you need.   Please remember to add your phone number to the order.  We sometimes are out of stock of certain items and would like a quick chat to suggest a change or a delay.  Thanks!


– Pair of Soles (white or black)

– Leather Lined Ergonomic  Insoles

– Special Needle (3.25″ long)

– 80″ of  Polyester Waxed Thread  for each shoe (white or black)

– Patterns

– 2 Square  ft. Leather (optional)

••   Cut, Punch, Stitch. It’s easy!

••   Wear your own sneakers

••   Adjustable ‘4 in 1’ Pattern

••   Choose the parts you need

••   No Glue

••   Durable

••   Premium Leather

 !   Addictive