Vegtan Wallet Kit


Hand Made Wallet: DIY.  You can leave this wallet undyed and it will age well over time.  Or you can have fun with some dyes and color your leather and stitching for fun.  These small wallets are great gifts too. 

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Make this folded vegtan wallet at home. It has 4 pockets for cards or cash and you can assemble it easily with our instructions. This project requires many steps and some drying time in between. Altogether you’ll spend 2-3 hours on this wallet, but it may take you a couple of days to finish it. There’s a youtube slide show to show the steps to put this wallet together.

What’s included: 2.5oz un-dyed vegtan leather, patterns, double sided tape, prong punch, punch pad, needle, thread, dye, canvas cloth, burnishing compound, dauber, [tool hacks: use a skewer from the kitchen or other pointy object to create your stitching lines]

What else you’ll need: A mallet or hammer, scissors, newspaper or protection for your work surface, a few paper towels, gloves (optional), ruler or straight edge.

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