Silver Membership Monthly



  • Orientation Required–We have scheduled 2x a month when members can get certified on certain machines and advanced tools.
  • 6 Studio Sessions–we have scheduled both 2 hr and 4 hr blocks . Each time you come during the month constitutes 1 session.
  • Easy Scheduling OnlineChoose the date and time you’ll come in (24 hrs notice please) from our calendar and reserve a spot. We’re allowing 4 members at a time to work to make sure we’re not overloading the schoolroom. Until further notice, masks will be mandatory.
  • Weekday Access – Our space has been underutilized during the day, but we get many requests for this option. Now it’s here.
  • Weekend Access– Alternating Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm
  • 15% Discount on Classes-We encourage further training through our classes. This discount expires at the end of each month. We are limiting a monthly use of this discount to no more than 4 classes.
  • 15% Discount on Private Tutoring–We hope that members will utilize the vast knowledge that our instructors and staff have developed. Check out your options on our Team Page.
  • Personal Storage Box— It’s helpful not to lug all your materials and personal tools back and forth from home to school. The box is a file box, 12×15 with lid.




  • Orientation Required
  • 6 Studio Sessions
  • Easy Scheduling Online
  • Weekday Access
  • Weekend Access
  • 15% Discount on Classes
  • 15% Discount on Private Tutoring
  • Personal Storage Box