Shoe Lasts (Women’s)



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Shoe Lasts are the forms on which shoes are built. In the process of designing a shoe from scratch much time and thought is put into designing and shaping the last. Each company designs and builds lasts first for their shoe lines. Shoemakers stock their studios with a variety of lasts in all sizes –with different toe shapes, and heel heights. We have collected a number of lasts that we won’t be using at the school so students can practice shoemaking and patterning at home. All are priced at $25 per pair and are shown on these pages with toe styles and heel heights. If you are a wannabe shoemaker, buying a pair of lasts is a good first step. If you just like the shapes and want to use them as bookends, we won’t complain.


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Size 6, 20 MM HEEL, W6_01, Size 6, 20 MM HEEL, W6_02, Size 6, 20 MM HEEL, W6_05, Size 6, 20 MM HEEL, W6_07