Great Leather (2 Square ft.)



We cut the leather to accommodate the sneaker kit patterns. That means that your 2 square feet will be either 15×20″ (for small to medium sizes) or 16×22″ (medium to large sizes) If you want larger pieces of one color or to have them cut differently, please contact us. Info[at]

(A square foot = 144 square inches. 2 square feet= 288 square inches.)

The leather we offer for your sneakers is a high quality 4-5 oz chrome tanned top grain split.  The surface has minimal grain so that paints and decoration can be applied easily.  2+ square feet is enough to make a pair of sneakers.  For larger sizes, we send a bit more.  Have fun!

(photo of leather is not representative)  Check color hues  HERE

HTML Colors:

Black-#000000, White-#ffffff, Pink-#ffe6e6, Red-#cc0000, Grape-#990099, Olive-#666633, Sunrise-#e67300,  Purple-#290066


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Black, White, Pink, Red, Grape, Sunrise, Purple, Walnut, Navy