Belt Pouch or Small Clutch Kit


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Slots on the Belt Pouch will accommodate a belt 1.75″ wide

We’ve turned one of our favorite Leather Work 101 projects into a kit for you. This is a very simple and quick project, but you can draw it out by cross-stitching the flap edge as well. Use your creativity to change the flap edge design to a curve or rounded edge.

What’s included: 8×14″ top grain 5oz leather (chrome tanned), needle, waxed thread, snaps, prong punch, punch pad, instructions, pattern, double sided tape.

What you’ll need: Mallet or covered hammer (take a thin piece of leather or thick fabric and cover the head of the hammer securing it with a rubber band–this will save your prong punch from “mushrooming the metal” and will help with the noise), scissors.

Since we don’t have our tutorials up yet, we encourage you to use all the great you-tube videos to show you how to do any of the parts you’re unsure of in our instructions ie: Cross stitching a leather edge. Using a prong punch, etc

Additional information

Leather Color

Purple, Black, Olive, Red, Brown

Thread Color

Red, Black, Brown, White

Snap Metal

Brass, Nickel