Current Delivery Times
Returning Customers- 10 weeks from time of order

Q: When can I expect my shoes or boots to be finished?

A: Once I receive your order, an email confirmation will be sent with your due date. Depending on the amount of orders I have, times will vary.

Q: I need a really deep toe box. How do I let you know about that?

A: Once you place your order you’ll see a “Remarks” box below your order summary. Add your concerns and special needs in that box.

Q:I have trouble getting my foot into a slip-on boot. My arch is so high that nothing fits. Can you help?

A: I will tell you how to measure that part of your foot so that I can make the throat of the boot large enough for you to slip into it. A zipper boot is also an option for you.

Q:I need my new shoes really soon for a trip. Can you do rush orders?

A:Rush orders are available for trips and events. Contact me for details.