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6 week series – $295

Was Exploring Leather Work I
Exploring Leather Work: 4 week class – $305This hands-on fundamentals course is for people who want to learn how to make items and projects out of a variety of weights and types of leather. Whether you have done some leather work on your own, have already attended a workshop at the school or have never worked with leather before, this is the best class to refine your skills and move forward to more intricate projects and advanced classes.

In 6 weeks, 15 hours total, we will cover all the basic information students need to complete 3 or more different projects. We explore many aspects of working with leather: cutting, gluing, shaping, dyeing, hardware, and finishing techniques. Patterns and projects are provided as well as many choices of leather types and colors. You will also have time and space to work on independent projects of your own designs as the class progresses. All materials, hardware and use of tools are included.

Class Dates:  All of the sessions are shown below. You only need to register for the first session to be enrolled in all 6 sessions. Make sure you get a confirmation email, otherwise your registration may not be complete.  You will also receive an email a few days before class begins to remind you of your attendance.

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