Full Spectrum Shoemaking Series

We have been working hard to get our machines, tools and materials up to speed with Lasted Shoemaking.  We’re excited about offering a more expanded program for students and shoe designers who want to work on refining their ideas and constructing prototypes and learn more in depth shoemaking skills such as drawing, selecting a last, patterning, skiving, welting, stiffeners, facings, and more.

Series Description:   Shoemaking is an exacting art form.  We want you to get the best instruction for your design that we can give.  That’s why you’ll be working on only one shoe.  Once you accomplish this series and have a chance to practice your skills, you will be able to make the second shoe independently in Open Studio.

#1    (2 sessions, 3 hrs each):

  • Measure feet
  • How to select a last
  • Draw a design (with templates
  • Tape the last
  • Draw the design on the last
  • Truing up the pattern
  • Cutting out the Buckram
  • Sewing a Buckram prototype
  • Making Corrections to the pattern

#2   ( 2 sessions 3 hrs each)

  • Selection of materials
  • Cut linings, stiffeners, toebox, facings, heel counters
  • Extras and details
  • Sewing practice
  • Assembling lining and sewing
  • Assembling uppers and sewing
  • Attaching insole/midsole
  • First lasting
  • Inserting stiffeners and counters
  • Final asting

#3  ( 2 sessions 3 hrs each)

  • Prep soles and heels
  • Prepare and insert filler
  • Welting : Wheeled, stitched or plain welt
  • Cement welt onto shoe with heel attached.
  • Sanding sole
  • Remove last
  • create inner sock lining
  • Finishing

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