Dreams and Schemes

Hot leather classes are not quite the same as hot yoga–for one, students wear more clothes and we encourage them to wear aprons. Luckily we cooled off with some extra fans and some new AC. We still work up a sweat making beautiful things out of leather and students continue to amaze and astound with their creativity and focus. We’re slowing down a little in August to prepare an awesome fall schedule of classes and projects. The Chicago School of Shoemaking (and leather working) is expanding and exploding with new ideas and aspirations. We just got in over 400 square feet of leathers in beautiful colors–just the perfect weight to make purses and totes. Let’s make some more stuff together!! Please send your ideas and desires for classes and projects. This is your school too. See you soon!! A few things on our list: tool kits, bench and tool time/independent study program, leather for sale by the sq ft….