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 Example of Patterns:

  • Download the file for the size you selected.
  • We are now only stocking Publico Soles–the slim soles are discontinued. The EU Size is the first number and the number in parentheses is what’s stamped on the sole. Choose the EU size that’s closest to your shoe size.  We will leave the links to Slim sole patterns here for those of you who already received those. 
  • Make sure to print at 100% (Actual size). For patterns larger than size 43, Publico or Slim, you’ll need to print on 8.5 x 14″ paper or the pattern will reduce to fit the paper (at least that’s what happens on our printer)

Regular Soles:  SIZE 35 SIZE 36| SIZE 36,5 (35,5) |   SIZE 40 (39) | PUBLICO 41,5 (40,5) | Slim Sole 43  | PUBLICO 44,5





Design Template:

4-in-1 Template

Sneaker Kit Design Template 2