Custom Made Shoes

Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts is happy to refer you to Steve Jespersen of Noble Soles.  Please visit his website to see what he offers and order your custom pair.

Welcome to Noble Soles!

We make custom shoes for men and women who are looking for an extension of their soul. Shoes that are made by hand and that are shaped to fit your needs. We specialize in custom fit shoes for those that don’t fit into the off the rack brands. Whether you suffer from bunions or disfigurements, diabetes or flat feet, we strive to make shoes a pleasurable experience again for you. We construct them one at a time to ensure each customer gets the attention they deserve. Lastly, we hope you’ll give us a chance to make you the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need. Careful though, once you have a pair of custom hand made noble soles, it’s hard to have anything else!  Steve Jespersen