Bag Making Series: 5 sessions


If you’re serious about making leather goods with an emphasis on bags, this series gives you options and skills as leather artisans and expands your designs.

2.5 hours: Part I and II– Patterns

Many of you have asked for help in creating patterns for totes, purses, backpacks and belt packs. Now we have included patterning in this session so students will be able to take a photo of a product  and be able to draw out the pattern pieces on paper to be able to recreate the product and/or make it a different size.   This is more of a technical workshop, so we won’t be making the bag, but you will leave with at least one major pattern and several others that your fellow students will create in the class.  You can prep for the class by printing out photos of products you’d like to pattern.   We need a paper copy of the product rather than trying to see it on your phone or computer to help you.


2.5 hours: Part III– Zippers and Pockets

In this session, you’ll learn how to install zippers in several different ways, adjust the length of a zipper and replace an existing zipper for repair. We have included pockets in this session as well —there are so many ways to attach pockets in or on a bag.  We’ll show you how to create as many different types as time allows.


2.5 hours: Part IV– Straps and Handles

Bags need proper handles and straps to make them user friendly.   We’ll show you how to install a slide and make an adjustable strap with buckles and collar buttons.  Short padded handles are also included in this session.  You will make a few types of straps and one padded handle as samples in this session.


2.5 hours: Part V– Edge Finishing and Closures

Have you ever noticed how smooth the edges are on manufactured bags?  They have machines that lay on a very smooth polished edge.  We’ll show you how duplicate that with multiple coats of edge paint, beeswax and our special creasing machine that can make your edges look extremely professional.  Turn locks and top notch hardware installation will be covered as well.



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