Lasted Shoemaking/Ballet Flats and Loafers



18 Hr Class:  $795
Previously named Ballet Flats Class, this is a class to make a ballet flat, or a simple slip-on loafer.
The cost of this class includes all tools and materials for the class except for the lasts themselves.  There are choices of  leather to use for your shoes and a few styles of soles. We will provide the patterns and the lasts to use in class. Choose the full size you prefer. No half sizes available at this time.   This class is taught in 3 sessions and will be a total of 18 hours. Class size is limited to 4 students.  We hope to spur you on to making more shoes for yourself and your friends here at the school and create a community of shoemakers who share knowledge and support. We now have over 200 pairs of lasts. Let us know when you register for this class what size last you need.

Class Dates

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